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Hello Im making a card game and i wanted your opinion on the rules

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PostSubject: Hello Im making a card game and i wanted your opinion on the rules Tue Feb 03, 2015 6:07 am#1

Trigon Kings is 2-6 (traditional printed)  player Card game  that is revolves around Kingdoms.

Each Kingdom is possesses its own unique element such as the following:


Eterna Blaze:Fire

Arashi Shokan:Lighting



Necro Siege: Dark


Aquamos: Water

Priminian: Beast

In the game your army is made up of characters known as Champions each Champion has its own unique style and class that makes it original. These champions maybe extremely powerful but they cant win without the aid or Hex card which grant powerful magic and curses to help them in battle nor could they go into battle without needing a bit of support from equip cards which are enchanted pieces of armor that can increase stats along with a unique ability.

                                            How do you play?

Each player shuffles their decks (shuffle them good!)
Each player draws 5 cards from their respected decks
Each player will set their king in the king circle face down in the rest position
Each player starts off the game with 12 health
Players will decide who goes first by flipping a coin, rolling a die, etc… whatever works
Neither player can attack on their first turn
Phases  (Attacking an Defending)

Standby Phase: Depending on which players turn it is that player will draw one card from their deck
Main Phase: you may summon up to only 2 Champions anywhere on the field, as well as setting any number of hex and equipment cards on the field. You also may change the formation of your field during this phase.
Battle Phase: Champions in the front row may attack your opponents front row (one attack per champion per battle phase unless specified) If 2 or more of your opponents Champions in the front lines were destroyed in battle you may attack the king or kings guard. You may attack a single champion on your opponents side with 2 of your own champions at once this is called a "Joined attack!". A joined attack is performed by combining the base attack of 2 champions to overtake a champion. ( ex: atkpwr 5000+ atkpwr 9000=atkpwr 14000!)
Damage phase: To deal damage you must directly attack the king. A normal champion deals one point of damage a king deals 2 points of damage. If the king is hit before he's awoken then the game automatically over.
Defending Phase: this phase takes place when you're being attacked by your opponent. You can defend your king or frontline champions by using the cards placed in the kings guard zone, Hex cards, support cards, or sometimes very rarely equipment cards.
Kings Guards: to Guard with the kings guard retire either 1 or both of the active  guards on the combining the base attack power and defense power you'll be able to stop your opponents attack in it's tracks. (ex: guard 2000 atkpwr 3000 defpwr+ guard 4000 atkpwr 5000 defpwr = 6000 atkpwr 8000 defpwr)

In the game some cards will need special requirements before entering the field.
Lv.1-4 (cost free)
Lv 5-10 (require a cost)
To evolve a champion you must retire, and or discard champions to call higher lv. Champions. Basically to evolve a champion you'll simply add the levels on each card to meet the same level of the champion you wish to summon. (ex: 5+4=9,4+3=7,3+2+5=10)

      Awakening The King!

To awaken the King that you set at the beginning of the game in the Center Circle you must discard or retire the number of champions to meet your kings level while and entering a total 10 casting power  into the abyss with the champions used to awaken the king. One you meet the requirements speak the words "Excitandis!" and flip you King face up.

if you like the rules but hate the artwork feel free to contribute to the game to help us out  with donations to hire proffessionals Smile. Kickstarter:
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Hello Im making a card game and i wanted your opinion on the rules

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