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News: Conroe Restricted, Tsukuyomi & Majesty no longer limited

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PostSubject: News: Conroe Restricted, Tsukuyomi & Majesty no longer limited Fri Jan 17, 2014 3:36 pm#1

The Japanese restricted list was revised Tuesday, with a somewhat surprising addition made in Lizard Soldier Conroe; widely respected as Kagerou's most optimal first vanguard since his release three years ago in BT01: Descent of the King of Knights, Conroe is now the first card since Barcgal to be banned from being set as the first vanguard. Like Barcgal, Conroe can still be included within the deck, but is now of limited use because he cannot be played to open the game. Unlike with Barcgal, many cardfighters saw this restriction coming.
Conroe had previously spent a tournament season on the list but in a different capacity, limited to two copies in combination with Dragonic Overlord the End. Done to put down the DOTE deck after an extended term of prolonged dominance, the world was surprised when both cards were taken off the list despite the release of Dauntless Drive Dragon as DOTE's new supporting grade 3. Initial Dauntless mania cooled with the continued dominance of the Eradicators in the format, but this new decision has come about with likely inspiration from the results of the Fighter's Climax 2013 national tournament. Divided between the open class and junior divisions, six pros made waves with powerful Nouvelle Vague decks whose overwhelming success would not have been possible without Conroe to fix their grade ratios. The common feature of all Nouvelle decks used in competitive play thus far is running 4 grade 3s and 4 grade 4s--functionally equivalent to running 8 grade 3s, and only playable in this way because Conroe's search skill can be used to target the grade 1 Nouvelle Roman Dragon, whose on-call skill sends Nouvelle into the deck to search for a grade 3. In this way, all copies of Nouvelle automatically become grade 3s purely on the basis that Conroe can instantly fetch Roman for a single counterblast, and this is almost a guaranteed move with the rise of Link Joker and subsequent diminished presence of retire skill first vanguards like Linchu and Terrycloth.
This searchability also allows Dauntless Drive Dragon and Cruel Dragon to be run in unnaturally low numbers in the Nouvelle deck and still be consistently fetched, most commonly at 2-2 as done by Sen Hayato, Matsushita Daisuke and junior cardfighter Matsushita Shunji. The ability to use Nouvelle with effectively normal grade ratios is probably not an intended part of the card's design. By cutting Conroe out from organized play, Bushiroad is taking a cautionary measure that diminishes Nouvelle's effectiveness without completely destroying the deck entirely, making Nouvelle Roman a chance-based draw and forcing Kagerou cardfighters to modify their grade ratios in order to use the same kinds of grade 3s. Reinforcing the Barcgal comparison in 2011, this has taken an exceptionally consistent deck and bumped it back down to level with its contemporaries. Restricting Conroe has also resolved an issue that has plagued Kagerou from the beginning; his search skill has discouraged diverse deckbuilding by prematurely making other first vanguards for Kagerou obsolete, even in Seal Dragon builds.
A similarly surprising change is the return of Goddess of the Full Moon Tsukuyomi and Majesty Lord Blaster, whose deckbuilds had dominated alongside DOTE in 2012. For Tsukuyomi, the nail in her coffin was the ability to run the Goddess at four copies as her build's only grade 3, and Japanese cardfighters cultivating a play style of deliberately accepting gradelock in order to avoid riding non-Tsukuyomi cards, so that Goddess of the Crescent Moon's soulcharge 2 would be guaranteed, and the freed up deck space could be used for maximum copies of Oracle Guardian Red-Eye without sacrificing space given to Silent Tom or Mocha. In this way Tsukuyomi could consistently reach grade 3, reach 6 soul with support units like Red-Eye and Kaguya, make multiple gains in card advantage through free superior rides along with Tsukuyomi's draw skill and Luck Birds to make use of the extra soul, and stack the deck up to 20~25 cards through gradelock instead of being hardcapped at a maximum of 15. Meanwhile Majesty Lord Blaster was able to set up a consistent 12000 base defense on turn 3 along with a permanent extra critical and three rows of 21000+ lines with Toypugal, Bedivere and Palamedes. While Majesty may not have aged well compared to Tsukuyomi, even while restricted he was periodically seen popping up throughout 2013 in VGCS tournaments and in Fighter's Climax, so both decks are likely to find their place in the February-on format. Eradicator Dragonic Descendant has remained restricted to 2 copies, making him the only card to still be restricted in this way. Ultimately the restricted list has diminished with time rather than grown larger as in other TCGs.

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News: Conroe Restricted, Tsukuyomi & Majesty no longer limited

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