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Cardfight Vanguard Academy Starter Guide

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Cardfight Vanguard Academy Starter Guide Empty

Cardfight Vanguard Academy Starter Guide Empty
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Cardfight Vanguard Academy Starter Guide Empty

Cardfight Vanguard Academy Starter Guide Empty
PostSubject: Cardfight Vanguard Academy Starter Guide Cardfight Vanguard Academy Starter Guide EmptyFri Jan 03, 2014 8:24 pm#1

Cardfight Vanguard Academy Starter Guide

                Hello Guest , and welcome to Cardfight Vanguard Academy!

So you're new to CFVA ? you want to find out how CFVA does things? This thread will be your source of information for anything you need to know about the academy and how to go about it.

Introduce Yourself

We will be glad if you could post an Introduction about yourself. Our members will welcome you and help you start off here at CFVA. You can find introduction section Here


Posting is the main job you have to do while you are a member of this Academy. We are glad if you post as much as possible in the Academy, but your post must be on topic and when you starting a thread you have to remember that you must do it in the right section as when you have some suggestion how to make this Academy more attractive and pleasant to be in you can do it in Suggestion section or if you want some help with your deck, then post on the  Decks & Cards Discussions section Lets see who can get to the Top posters of the Academy!

Join a Clan

As you have noticed when you post an introduction or just 1 post somewhere your rank become United Sanctuary. We have 3 clans: United Sanctuary, Dark Zone, Dragon Empire. For us, you are valuable as much as you show us in here, what you are outside, it does not concern us. This means, you start as United Sanctuary and work your way up to Dragon Empire.To get promoted from United Sanctuary to Dark Zone or from Dark Zone to Dragon Empire is possible with one way which is gathering Skill Points from arenas wins & our events and also teams wars.
The Clans entry requirements are as follows:
Dragon Empire has an entry minimum of  851-1000 Skill Points
Dark Zone has an entry minimum of  451-850 Skill Points
United Sanctuary will be your clan if  your Skill Points below 450
Now, you learned about the Clan System and it is time to create your own Clan room. Clan room is your own thread which is created in the clan you belong to, and you can post things you like there. CFVA is your home and that thread is your room in the house. Just don't post inappropriate content and keep it as room, not some kind of hall where everyone posts like crazy. If you don't know what to post, try to look in other members' rooms and see if you can get some inspiration.


The program we use to play on Vanguard Arenas and our events is Cardfight Area which can be downloaded from here.
There's a bunch of ways to Card Fight on CFVA:

Vanguard Arenas:
Here we have 2 kinds. Vanguard Fight Circuit, an arena that is recorded (As in you'll have your wins/loses in a statistics sheet located Here).Friendly Card Fights, an arena where you can perform as much as you want without any restricts and without any records.

We have a variety of different events here on CFVA. You can enter these to test your skills, and have fun, and also get your name carved on the CFVA Hall of Fame for all to see.

With winning or losing matches in Vanguard Fight Circuit or friendly battles each player will be rewarded or subtracted a amount of SP(skill points) depending on the difference of skill from the players on the match. The vp(Vanguard Points) are awarded by the difference of the clans used against the two players. Vanguard Points are not taken away from the losing player only skill point is. The skill points will help tell everyone how good a player is in the arena, When a player reaches a certain amount of skill points they will reach the next level. Vanguard points will be used for everything in the forum, from buying gfx to getting into tour events and from reseting any records stats the player might not like once they reach the amount needed to do so.

Teams & Wars
You  have the option of starting/joining a team and warring others, and also joining our team events.

Members can communicate through the ChatBox that is found in the top of the page or in CardFight Area. There is also a Private Messaging system to talk with each other.

Best Regards
CFVA's Admin

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Cardfight Vanguard Academy Starter Guide

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