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When Everything that glitters ain't gold...
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When Everything that glitters ain't gold...

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PostSubject: When Everything that glitters ain't gold... Sun Oct 04, 2015 10:53 pm#1

Hey, sup, hola, konichiwa, salve, (insert script here).

I'm sort of lost as to what this is. I don't do much talking when the content is about my life. It bores me, thus, boring the ones who read this.
W/o further delay. I'm Yu, or Donte either name is legal and will do fine with me. Think of me as a source of anything you may want to run by someone without the fear of judgment of any kind. Judging takes effort and time, time of which I don't have much of. I love this game. I am totally done with yugioh for a personal reason. I am actually not new to the game, I debuted my skills in 2013 at my HS with Link Joker, this story can be seen as a fallacy or true, to scrap all scant and potentially disrespectfully disagreeable comments I'll state that, yes I lost some, but I did win a lot. I moved onto Gold Paladin in summer of the same year. I dropped the game for the release of "Nekroz" and dominated a bit until ARG decided to pull slick poop on a couple of my team mates and I as well. We decided to pickup a multitude of games that include, Buddyfight (presently), Pokemon (Dropped due to horrible community and anime), and finally CardFight!! Vanguard (excellent gamea all around.). We never took up magic, to hell with that cruddy game, it should be discontinued. I believe I have some serious Cardfighting skills, not better than my team mates but I'm pretty solid. My intellect of the game and knowledge on deck building, however, does come in handy when all available cards are listed to me with the integrity of the player that I'm helping, their card consent/passion/choice+reason is pivotal when compiling a deck(list).

Decks I have ran with the W/L ratio:
Link Joker - (Pre-Messiah) - 12-7
Kagero -  (Pre-Eradicator) - 5-3
Dimensional Police Metalborg- 0-7 *Legion is not a good choice against Dark Irregulars
Royal Paladin - 9-3
Shadow Paladin Revenger/Diablo -  8-3? (I honestly don't remember losing, maybe about 3 times but I honestly can't recall losing any games)
Gold Paladin (Liberating Welps Build) - In the "re"making stage. (2-1) PLayed it for a day or two then picked up Nekroz, returning to get it all back.

It was a ride, I'll be honest, not that I have a steady job and the college life has settled in, among that I have acquired a few challenging players in both my state and the neighboring 4 that I have known for a good deal of time, I can now further my skills in Vanguard, hopefully if I become arrogant enough with the new Vanguard Online system I may be able to give a good run here as well.

If you have question or just want to chillax with me, hmu on my cell, FB, or Skype. Creeps will just be blocked w/o second thought.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
"To truthfully understand yourself...'

'..Begin a journey inside yourself and...'

'..soon you'll Liberate yourself..."

- Yu
The"Liberating" Guillotine
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When Everything that glitters ain't gold...

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