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Royal Paladin (Reglious Soul Saver) Deck Profile

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PostSubject: Royal Paladin (Reglious Soul Saver) Deck Profile Thu Aug 27, 2015 8:22 pm#1

Religious Soul Saver.. looks like our Soul Saver has become a Priest but this Priest is useful for Majesty Lord Blaster. This time I approach making this deck differently or it be the same since the last Majesty Lord Blaster deck actually went really well. To be honest running four copies of this card is impossible unless you want to remove Saint Blow. We already know that Saint Blow already forces your opponent to throw down their shields unless they want to take some major damage as well as the help of Majesty Lord Blaster early critical damage against your opponent so they lose cards quite early.

Religious Soul Saver can be a final move for the Blasters but usually Saint Blow do that job better. Soul Saver has the skill of the original Soul Saver which is paying five soul blasts to power up three of your units by 5k power. Religious Soul Saver is a little but different but still kept the powering up to the rear guards.

When this unit is placed on the vanguard circle if you have a Blaster in heart, by paying one counterblast and flipping the same unit in G zone, you can select three of your units and they gain 5k power. Then if you have two or more Blasters in soul this unit gains +1 Critical. The Critical is what makes this card more deadly because it puts quite a good pressure against your opponent.

Once again this card have become one of the must need cards in the deck. The power of light and shadow combine into one unit where the true power is form. At least now this card is still strong against current decks especially by the help of using the latest support. This card will not lose in speed since you can use this card skill very early in the turn.

The start of with this card main skill and the only skill which makes it very deadly. When this card attacks, by moving Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark to soul, this card gains 10k power. It is better if you have Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark in one column, so even if you drive check any triggers you can give them to your other rear guard column who have not attack yet.

The other skill of this card which puts pressure against your opponent is when you have Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark in soul this card gains 2k power as well as an extra critical. By combining it with the first skill it means this card already gain 12k power when it attacks and your opponent may force to use a sentinel to protect themselves from taking two damage or they might take two damage but it will up to them to how to play against this card.

The original Blaster Blade which has two abilities when placed on the vanguard or the rear guard circles. Now there are variety versions of 'Blaster Blade' each still kept their retiring abilities but in a different way. It is great to use this card, I haven't used this version for ages maybe very long since new version of Blaster Blade keep popping up.

When this unit is placed on the vanguard circle, by paying two counterblasts you can retire one of your opponent rear units. Although you really want this card in the rear guards for 'Majesty Lord' skill. It seems the more the merrier I'm guess but the vanguard skill is great to retire any units you do not like.

The second skill of this card is when this card is placed on the rear guard circle, by paying two counterblasts you can retire one grade 2 or higher unit on the field. Unlike Berserk Dragon who retires grade 2 or less, this skill is mainly used for late game when your opponent have higher grades on the field, but mostly this card will be doing attack on it's own so you can trigger Majesty Lord skill.

Blaster Dark the shadow of Blaster Blade and also Royal Paladin clan dark side. Whenever there is light, there is always darkness but that darkness will not consume all the light in fact they will join forces and make a whole new unit, Majesty Lord Blaster!. Anyway it is important to have Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark on the field to trigger Majesty Lord Blaster skill because without either of these cards Majesty Lord Blaster will just not work.

When this unit is placed on the vanguard circle, by paying two counterblasts you can retire one of your opponent units on the rear guards. The best part about this card skill is that it is not restricted so this card is very useful if it is ride on the vanguard circle and trigger it vanguard skill. This card do only have the vanguard skill though so if this unit is placed on the rear guard circle it is just a normal unit then.

When it comes to Blasters, Wingal Brave is always useful for adding any Blasters to hand as well as being a starting vanguard for the deck. I don't there are many Royal Paladin starters that will help Majesty Lord Blaster although there may be other options that can also work.

When a Blaster unit hits during this card boost, by moving this card to soul you can add one Blaster unit to your hand. Basically this card will work with any Blaster units if the unit hits so you can add another Blaster unit to your hand. Mostly your opponent should let this card use the skill unless they want to guard against this card ability.

Deck Recipe:

Grade 0x17
x1 Wingal Brave (First Vanguard)
x4 Future Knight, Llew (Critical)
x2 Bringer of Good Luck, Epona (Critical)
x4 Margal (Draw)
x2 Weapons Dealer, Govannon (Draw)
x4 Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine (Heal)

Grade 1 x13
x4 Holy Knight Guardian (PG)
x3 Knight of Friendship, Kay (10k Beater)
x3 Knight of Lauryl, Cycirlz
x3 Toypugal

Grade 2 x12
x4 Blaster Blade
x3 Blaster Dark
x3 Starlight Violinist
x2 Blaster Blade Spirit

Grade 3 x8
x4 Majesty Lord Blaster
x2 Solitary Knight, Gancelot
x2 Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, Palamedes

G Zone x8
x4 Divine Sacred Dragon, Saint Blow Dragon
x2 Holy Dragon, Religious Soul Saver
x1 Vague Sacred Knight, Gablade
x1 Flash Flame Divine Knight, Samuil

Last edited by Echizen on Thu Aug 27, 2015 8:31 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Posting the image of the cards)
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Royal Paladin (Reglious Soul Saver) Deck Profile

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