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Staff Recruiting

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PostSubject: Staff Recruiting Sat Jan 11, 2014 11:30 pm#1

First topic message reminder :


Here's your chance to help out! We're looking for some new faces to join our staff and assist us on CFVA. We have decided to open almost all positions of staff those who feel like they can offer help, the reasons are many, starting from the need of help in taking care of CFVA, getting more activity and help around it. This means while we're recruiting, we're mostly interested in individuals that already possess the appropriate skillset, or are very fast learners.

-Be active in CFVA and fulfill your duties, for more info check Staff Chart .
-Be good at English.
-Be nice with a good attitude towards members and other staff.

Available Positions:
GFX Team ( We're currently in deep need of Gfxers! )
Event Managers

How To Apply?:
To apply for a position from the ones mentioned above post in this thread with the following format:

Position you're applying to:
What can you offer to CFVA:
- Position you're applying to - here are you allowed only to apply for 1 position either Gfxer, Professor or Events manager .
- Activity - The time and days you will be able to be active at CFVA and make your job if you are accepted.
- Experience - Describe briefly what you think you duties could be for the Position you were applied. If you got any experience in it you can mention it .
- What can you offer to CFVA - Basically you must write here your qualities & what you can give to make CFVA better.

NOTE: Only member who are actually wanting to join and will be active at CFVA are allowed to post in this thread!.
If you have any questions feel free to address them to me on CFVA's chat or PMs.

Best Regards
CFVA's Admin

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PostSubject: Staff Recruiting Sat Sep 12, 2015 1:01 pm#26

Position you're applying to: Event Managers
Age: 17
Activity: Yes I can do it
Experience: Since I'm form Area Forum, I have many experince there making an Tournaments
What can you offer to CFVA:
Skype: archeavens00912
Notes: YES
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PostSubject: Re: Staff Recruiting Fri Oct 02, 2015 11:37 pm#27

i will see what you have.

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PostSubject: Re: Staff Recruiting Sun Oct 04, 2015 10:00 pm#28

Position you're applying to: I can pretty much do anything necessary. Events, manage, content, judge, resource, anything necessary.
Age: 19
Activity: Been scoping out. I used the "How to (play/build)" forum of this site to get into the game. At school I am 13-2 with Shadow paladin (Diablo/Claret stride) and 9-2 with Gold paladin (Dark Liberation, LB - Stride. My custom deck.) I can be as active as you need me to be, get in touch with me personally after I get out of class and off work. Sunday's I am free all day, weekdays I can be free after 10pm and about 2-3 hours in slots throughout the day. Like I stated previously, just get in touch with me personally.
Experience: With what? The game? 2012 I started with link joker, dropped the game when I moved to isreal then picked in back up in Osakawa 2013. Dropped it again in HS of 2014 until 7 weeks ago today (ironically). Now that I know the ins and outs of the game in a good degree, however I'm not perfect, and have acquired a set of skills, along side the predominant ability to build and "map" decks out, I feel as though I can serve as n assistant or a teacher/staff (much like a councilor of some sort. I haven't competed in a tournament but my team has for a three year period and when this week comes (in under 19 hours from now), I can start producing content with the team and sharing some insight on the game from my perspective. I was really good at Yugioh, but I f*$#!ing hate Konami, so I'm rocking out to bushiroad. Buddyfight is another game I love but its something that Vanguard has that BF doesn't. That's kind'a why I'm here.
What can you offer to CFVA:
Skype: Changeofheart1367
Notes: Reach my Phone at anytime, (Apple products much welcomed due to "imessage" feature.)
hmu on skype if you want to talk or something.

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PostSubject: Re: Staff Recruiting #29

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Staff Recruiting

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